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© Grant Callegari/Hakai Institute

A visit to the Great Bear Rainforest involves many different experiences. You may see the entirety of this special place from the air, or sail along the coastline by sea. The pace is slow, allowing visitors to take their time to adjust to its rhythms, intricacies, and seasonal changes. Hike, sail, fly in and out. Drive – but only up to a certain point. Plan and prepare because getting there is part of the adventure.

Things to do once you’re there:

  • Stay in a First Nations lodge. Explore a traditional big house. Learn about the traditions and history of Aboriginal culture.
  • Head out on a wildlife viewing. You may catch a rare glimpse of the elusive spirit bear.
  • Sail to remote bays and inlets on an adventure cruise. Navigate fjords where 4,000-foot high cliffs rise above you.
  • Kayak the coast line, beachcomb, hike hidden ancient trails with experienced, local guides.
  • Heli-hike to the peak of a coast mountain for even longer, breath-taking views.
  • Travel to a floating lodge where you can see grizzly and black bears in their natural environment.
  • Go fishing. Go whale-watching. Take a guided kayak tour through some of the finest coastal paddling waters in North America.
  • Walk in a rainforest and a wildflower meadow with a naturalist who can interpret the environment.
  • Study, take photos of the region’s bears, orcas, porpoises, seals, wolves, eagles, cranes, salmon, trees, plants, marine life.

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