Adaptive Management Framework

© Charlie Short

Smart planning is necessary for managing ecosystems, sustaining communities and encouraging consumers to make choices that benefit the environment. The need for collaboration is significant for the Great Bear Rainforest because the coastal population is growing rapidly: by 2025, population is projected to increase by 29%, which is almost one million people.

An adaptive management method was used to work with all stakeholders towards the landmark agreement for the Great Bear Rainforest. This planning method is a structured process that enables decision-making in the face of uncertainty, with the goal of reducing uncertainty over time through regular monitoring. In this way, decision-making meets goals and helps stakeholders gather information to improve future management. Adaptive management is a tool used not only to change a system, but also to learn about the system and improve long-term outcomes. The challenge lies in finding balance between gaining knowledge to improve management in the future and achieving the best short-term outcome based on current knowledge.

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