Land-use Zones

One third of the Great Bear Rainforest is fully protected in parks and conservation areas with about 9% of the total area (about 15% of forested area) available for timber harvesting in the managed forest. The managed forest comprises 550,000 hectares (1.36 million acres) where harvesting decisions of old growth and second-growth trees are guided by ecosystem-based management.

Parks and Protected Areas

471,000 hectares (1.2 million acres) are fully protected.


1.5 million hectares (3.7 million acres) are designated as protected ecological assets recognized for their importance to First Nations.

Biodiversity, Mining & Tourism Areas

309,000 hectares (764,000 acres) are areas where the primary use   is biodiversity conservation and protection of ecological and cultural values. Commercial forestry and hydroelectric generation linked to the power grid are not allowed.

Special Forest Management Areas

273,000 hectares (675,000 acres) are in areas where hydroelectric generation, mining and tourism development is allowed as long as it maintains ecological integrity. Commercial forestry is not allowed. It is expected that some of these areas will become biodiversity, mining, or tourism areas or conservancies over time.

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