Free Biodiversity Species App

Many of the images and some of the content used throughout this section are made possible through the generous support of Brian Starzomski, a professor with the University of Victoria’s School of Environmental Studies. Starzomski is the Ian McTaggart Cowan Professor of Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Restoration and also leads the Starzomski Lab at UVic. Starzomski and his students designed the website and app after a coastal biodiversity course at the Hakai Institute’s Calvert Island Field Station.

It has since been updated to include hundreds of species from the Great Bear Rainforest and surrounding oceans. Visit the Biodiversity of the Central Coast website for more information about their studies. Download their free app which serves as an excellent field study tool that identifies more than 210 plants, 80 birds, 190 marine invertebrates, 50 fish, 20 mammals and reptiles, and 120 different kinds of seaweed.

Download here –

For a web-based platform, visit:

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The Starzomski Lab in the University of Victoria’s School of Environmental Studies conducts research into community ecology and conservation biology. Experimental and observational field work, balanced with rigorous analysis of data, explores long-term human impacts on communities of species in the Coast Mountains of southwestern B.C., and the bogs and forests of the Central Coast.

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