Forest Management

As a leader in sustainable forest management, B.C. manages ecological integrity and human well-being in the globally unique Great Bear Rainforest through ecosystem-based management (EBM). The collaboration among First Nations, the Government of B.C., environmental groups and forest companies has resulted in protecting 85% of the area’s forests, while providing jobs for First Nations, and offers certainty for forest companies which can still sustainably harvest 15% of the area’s forests.

Forests – and the wood products derived from them – play a critical role in mitigating climate change by storing carbon. This is just one of many important values managed in the Great Bear Rainforest. This region is supported by sustainable forest management and by the protection of old-growth values.

Rainforest values

These are some of the greatest ‘values’ which contribute to economic development opportunities from the Great Bear Rainforest:

  • Renewable energy
  • Carbon credits
  • Forestry
  • Forest products
  • Ecotourism

Managing old-growth forests

The 2016 Great Bear Rainforest Land Use Order will, over time, conserve 70% of the natural range of old growth forests, with some minor exceptions, across the entire 6.4 million hectares (15.8 million acre) region.

Forests make up more than half of the Great Bear Rainforest which equals in size of 3.7 million hectares (9.1 million acres). The land use orders identify 550,000 hectares (1.36 million acres) of managed forest that will support a sustainable harvest, creating economic stability for First Nations, workers, communities, investors and an international timber-buying market.

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