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First Nations

History of First Nations in and around the Great Bear Rainforest extends beyond human memory. Archaeological dating shows settlements in existence for more than 11,000 years. Home to 26 First Nations, approximately 18,000 people live here today.

While each nation is distinct, the peoples’ histories, identities and spiritual beliefs remain linked to the land, water, animals and plants of the region. Vast knowledge from long ago has been brought forward through an oral history, evident within the fishing, logging, arts and cultural practices and industries. The First Peoples of this region share a belief that resources should be managed in a manner that ensures they continue to provide for future generations.

The Government of B.C. continues to build and strengthen relationships with Aboriginal people and communities. It is working with First Nations and Aboriginal community leaders to focus on closing the socio-economic gaps that separate Aboriginal people from other British Columbians, and building a province where everyone can fully participate in a prosperous economy, conservation and sound stewardship of the rainforest ecosystems.

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  • Bella Bella – Heiltsuk territory
  • Bella CoolaNuxalk territory
  • Hartley BayGitga’at Territory
  • KitimatHaisla territory
  • KlemtuKitasoo/Xai’xais territory
  • Ocean FallsHeiltsuk territory
  • City of Prince Rupert

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